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Nico Manos - Scotty Sherin -

* Surfer Nico Manos and photo by Scotty Sherin is stoked to announce an OPEN VIDEO CONTEST in collaboration with SBC surf magazine & Firewire Surfboards. Every month, the collective @ Gotsurf broadcast out a ton of Surf oriented data that we think is cool! But maybe we are doing it all wrong! Maybe it's time to hand the controls over to you, the audience.

The aspiring pro, the artsy long boarder, the gromms, the girls, we know you're out there and ripping and we want to see it!!!

The rules are simple, anything surf oriented goes and the most votes wins.

The winner takes home a custom Firewire Surfboard made to your specs.

Charge up the batteries, call a buddy who likes to stand in the rain and get filming!


  • is a short film contest about surfing in Canada. The contest aims to find new promising surfers and talented filmmakers in Canada.
  • Participant(s) who fill this form out have read and agreed to Gotsurf's regulations and Terms of use.
  • Gotsurf's Short Film Contest will take place in October 28th 2011.




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