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* Photo by Adam Dewolfe


  • is a short film contest about surfing in Canada. The contest aims to find new promising surfers and talented filmmakers in Canada.
  • Participant(s) who fill this form out have read and agreed to Gotsurf's regulations and Terms of use.
  • Gotsurf's Short Film Contest will take place in October 28th 2011.



  • Grand winner will win a Custom made Firewire surfboards
  • The winning video will make the “Main feature” on official website.



  • In order to participate in YOU.GOTSURF.CA, movies must be sent before the 30 September 2011.
  • Festival reserves the right to extend the deadline for submissions.
  • You will send your video with or to – Please write video contest in the subject.



  • Video file types must be MOV compressed in h.264 or uncompressed.
  • Only submission via e-mails will be accepted.
  • Consider that the file name of your video will become the title once online on



  • Participants may only enter YOU.GOTSURF.CA with original artistic creations belonging to them.
  • Gotsurf can not be held responsible for any participant whose work is not original (partly or entirely copied).
  • Every participant is responsible for his own submission in terms of copyright and artistic and intellectual property.
  • Any film may be eliminated from to the contest if proven that the creation does not belong to the participant. In this case the participant will be entirely responsible for the damages he caused to the real creator of the movie as well as the damages caused to Gotsurf.



  • The participant knows and accepts that YOU.GOTSURF.CA is a sponsored event.
  • Gotsurf Video submissions will be followed by sponsor logos.
  • Participants may be asked to participate to press conferences, interviews and galas organized by sponsors.
  • Participants will be required to act in the interest of sponsor brands and not to harm the sponsor brands by any action under any circumstances.



  1. Gotsurf audience will be voting online to choose the winner. So it's a public vote. We believe in democracy.
  2. Only one video per filmmaker and surfer will be accepted. Make sure to not duplicate. Basically, if you find yourself to be in two videos, you will receive an e-mail notification where you will be told to settle the conflict in 72 hours with your friends before being disqualified.
  3. Footage already used elsewhere will be accepted only in a new edited format. Perhaps, consider that you might loose some points from the public since they will be judging you and they might already have seen your footage.
  4. You have to be a Canadian resident.
  5. You shall not be a professional surfer. If you get paid by a company to surf, you are considered a professional surfer.
  6. Short film must be in between 2 to 10 minutes long.
  7. Entrant responsible for their own music. So, make sure you have the rights to use it.
  8. All footage must be exclusive to Gotsurf submission. (Full rights return to filmer 2-months after September 30th 2011)
  9. Gotsurf reserves the right to refuse any video on any grounds. Ground for dismissal may include (but are not limited to): anything pornographic, racist or otherwise offensive. Anything deemed mocking or degrading of the project.










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